Stripside of Longleys
PH12 8QX
Tel. 01828 640388
Stripside Cattery
Stripside Cattery

The cattery is built to Feline Advisory Bureau standards, which is the Michelin star of the cat world. All the cat pens have individual runs with an attached chalet which is heated via a radiator and heated bed/lamp. All the runs overlook the beautiful, wildlife filled garden.

During your cats stay all bedding and food is provided, assuming of course your cat is on one of the main brands of either tinned/ sachet or dried food. Those feline charmers lucky enough to eat exclusively on smoked salmon are asked to bring their own! I will of course store, and where necessary, cook individual foods that are supplied.

Medicated cats are more and more common with fantastic advances in veterinary medicines. Here at Stripside Cattery we are able to administer all types of medication, from tablets to insulin injections. Any questions on this subject can be discussed in more detail, just ask.

All of our guests are treated as individuals. No two cats are alike. Some require lots of attention, love to be groomed and want a chalet that gives them a full view of all the comings and goings. Others prefer the quieter life, with plenty of heat, a nice cosy bed and a dismissive “leave my food at the door please, now go away” attitude. We cater for them in the way that they wish, hence we have happy cats coming in and leaving at the end of their stay.

Nothing beats actually coming to see the facilities for yourself. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Cat Chalet Photograph